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Mã sản phẩm : IS-B50HN-C0
Giá bán : Liên hệ
Made in : USA
Producer : Polyphaser
Mô tả : Type DC Block Mount Type Bulkhead mount PIM Rated N Standards CE Compliant, RoHS Compliant Connector N Surge Side Connector N Female Protected Side Connector N Female Frequency Range 1.5 MHz to 700 MHz Turn On Voltage 1200 Vdc ±20% 7ns FOR 2kV/ns

Thiết Bị Chống Sét Lan Truyền Polyphaser IS-B50HN-C0
• Bulkhead mounted, dc block, single transmitter coaxial lightning protection for 1.5 MHz to 700MHz with N female surge side and N female protected side connectors
• Specifications for PolyPhaser IS-B50HN-C0
• Type DC Block
• Mount Type Bulkhead mount
• PIM Rated N
• Standards CE Compliant, RoHS Compliant
• Connector N
• Surge Side Connector N Female
• Protected Side Connector N Female
• Frequency Range 1.5 MHz to 700 MHz
• Turn On Voltage 1200 Vdc ±20% 7ns FOR 2kV/ns
• RF Power VHF 500 W, UHF 250 W, HF 3 kW
• VSWR ≤1.1:1 @ 1.5Mhz TO 700Mhz
• Insertion Loss ≤ 0.1dB Over Frequency Range
• Protocol/Application Two Way Radio and SCADA Applications